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Welcome to the new Planet-casio website! Tell us what you think of it on the forum!

Welcome to the english version of Planet-casio!
The site has been translated however programs and their descriptions will remain in the language of their author. Feel free to leave comments or to react on the forum in english :)
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Planet-casio version 3
Welcome to new new version of Planet-casio!
After several weeks of work, we are proud to release the third version of our site.
He is the new stuff :
- The site can now stretch without deforming when big pictures are posted in the forum
- A new text editing system in the forum and for comments
- A better menu system
- A new search function on every page

Leave us your comments and please tell us about any bugs
Neuronix date : 2006-12-30 18:25 All news

400 programs and a new administrator
We are pleased to anounce that Planet-casio now has a real english administrator : Kucalc has joined us and is now responsable for our international section

What's more is that thanks to Kucalc, Planet-casio has inherited of over 400 programs which all come from Casio Program Avenue that closed down a while ago.

We are now integrating the programs to our site so they aren't yet in the right place and don't have a description but we are working on it
Neuronix date : 2006-12-17 18:48 All news

Welcome to Planet-casio has just been translated in order to make it easier for the rest of the world to discover a lot of great french programs
Although the programs themselves will not be translated by us (the programmers will have to do it), the main pages and links are now in english and we are working on the rest of the site to make it 100% english.
Don't be scared to take a look, quite a few of our programs have been created by french people but are in english!

Please contact the webmasters (Neuronix and Muelsaco) if you find any translation mistakes !
Neuronix date : 2006-10-29 13:58 All news

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