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Tetris (or any) game that works with fx-9750-GIII

Posté le 30/08/2022 01:48

HI I dont know if english is allowed but I've spent the last 2 days looking for any games that might work on my calculator but cant seem to find any, I already posted on the universal-casio forum but that forum only has like one person reading it a year, and the only links I could find on it where from 2007-13 and none of them (even the ones to here) worked. I also tried a few of the games in the games section (that were for g35) and none of them worked either does anyone also have my calculator or know where I can get a working game for it?

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Citer : Posté le 30/08/2022 02:03 | #

I also have a 9750GIII. The analogous French model is the Graph 35+E II. See the "Programming" section on that page for compatible applications.

You'll find that Casio Basic games are the most compatible. For Casio Basic, I've tested Calcraft.g2m and Zeldapc.g1r and they both work, but I'm sure many others do as well. Be sure to copy Basic programs to the @MainMem directory rather than to the USB root.

The Casio calculators underwent a CPU change years ago, from SH3 to SH4 (and maybe other hardware has changed too, but I'm not sure on that). As a result of the changes, many of the black & white C or assembly-language add-ins won't work with our modern calculator, although work has been done to port some of them. For native add-ins, the khicasen.g1a CAS (computer algebra system) works, as well as Starwars.g1a and Terrario.g1a. Calccity.g1a and Wolfenst.g1a are broken. EDIT: I was incorrect, CalcCity-63751-0.g1a and Wolfenst-178311.g1a work fine.

I'm hoping to eventually add a few 9750GIII-compatible games. I'd like to port some Linux console games to the 9750GIII using the fxSDK, such as Moria. I'm also writing a simplistic Klondike Solitaire game in Python (along with a parallel version I'm writing for the CFX-9800G) and also a chess game in Python (although if the chess game is too slow I'll port it to C).

Maybe you can implement a Tetris game using Casio Basic or the fxSDK? Game Boy Tetris was also written for a monochrome LCD (although higher resolution); perhaps it will provide some inspiration?
Lephenixnoir Hors ligne Administrateur Points: 22869 Défis: 149 Message

Citer : Posté le 30/08/2022 08:17 | #

As Calamari mentioned, BASIC programs will work out of the box. Regarding specifically add-ins (.g1a files) for the G-III:

In addition so the SH3/SH4 change from ~2011 which is mostly a problem of the past now (unless you download very old add-ins), the G-III series has a different display from its predecessors (it looks identical but the protocol is slightly different), so a popular rendering library called MonochromeLib didn't work when the G-III came out.

As a result, many add-ins written even for SH4 didn't work. If you start one you get a blank screen and you have to press RESET to reboot (not dangerous). There is a source update of the library, and also a couple of tools to automatically rewrite g1a files to make them compatible, such as this one I maintain. You can see at the bottom a list of a couple of 30-40 add-ins that are compatible, and you can try more easily.

If you look at these add-ins you will see the description has links like:

» Télécharger pour Graph 35+E II «
» Télécharger pour autres Graph «

This is your tell-tale sign that the add-in has been ported; download the bold Graph 35+E II one.

Finally, add-ins have been mostly programmed with the fxSDK for a while now, rather than the official fx-9860G SDK with MonochromeLib; the display problem is a lesser issue in this case because the fxSDK was made compatible earlier, and source files for add-ins are provided much more often so it's just a matter of rebuilding.
Calamari Hors ligne Membre Points: 229 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 30/08/2022 11:11 | #

There is a Casio Basic Tetris game here. It works with the 9750GIII.

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