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Calcloverhk Hors ligne Membre Points: 303 Défis: 4 Message

fx-9750GIII Storage Memory Crash

Posté le 26/10/2020 10:10

Updated in 2023-9-12 UTC+8

In August 2020, I encountered the problem on my fx-9750GIII where I couldn't use my storage memory. Later, I found that a file with impossible name "僂ASSE.g1m" appeared in my calculator stoarge and couldn't delete it in any available ways. After investigation it's confirmed that this file was originally "-CASSE.g1m" from Calcraft. The reason of having a Chinese character is that the hex code of "僂" is the combination of the hex codes of "-" and "C".

Affected models
Possibly all USB Power Graphic 3 models
- fx-9750GIII: CalcLoverHK, PhantomOverrideAlpha, laomo, 0070, zhuchaokn
- fx-9860GIII: yukki410
- Graph 35+E II: yet to be seen

- Unable to modify the storage memory (even "Initialize All" won't work)
- LINK app shows error "Data conversion failed."
- Windows reports error 0X8007045D (I/O device error) when attempting to modify the storage content
- (Uncertain, happened once) A file with impossible name (e.g. 僂ASSE.g1m)

1. Install C.Basic for FX (important as while it's possibly the main cause, it's also used to execute the workaround syscall below)
2. Create a new program file in SMEM mode and save it without typing anything, then re-open the file OR open an existing file in SMEM mode
3. Type something randomly and delete what you've exactly typed (even typing and then deleting a single letter works, just make sure the final modified file is exactly the same as the original one)
4. Save the file by pressing [EXIT]
5. The moment when you get a "Can't delete file" error pop-up with error code -6 is where this bug is triggered

At first it seems like nothing happened after the error, but as the time passes under normal use, C.Basic starts to pop up the same error more frequently and eventually even a modified program with a single letter added can't be saved.

Deducing from the error description ("Can't delete file"), it appears that C.Basic saves a file by deleting the original file first and creating another one with exactly the same content as the modified one. If there is no actual change in the latter one however, C.Basic may confuse between both files and thus being unable to delete the proper file, while forgetting to change the Bfile status from "file opened" state to "ready" state.

However, such problem also appears in other users' GIII calculators without C.Basic, and the reasons for them are unclear.

Warning! This method can only be used on the USB Power Graphic 3 models!
Kudos to yukki410 for discovering this method!
Execute Syscall(0x205) in C.Basic and restart the calculator.

If you have any method to solve this problem, feel free to post it here! Thanks for your help and also @Lephenixnoir @Yatis for helping me tackle the problem ever since the encounter of this bug

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Mexischillax Hors ligne Membre Points: 6 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 16/09/2023 04:39 | #

how did you fix this error? It has been many months now and I have tried everything I know [I do not know much hehe]
Fries Hors ligne Membre Points: 66 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 16/09/2023 04:45 | #

I saw a chinese web where it was fixed by a cbasic command thing, but im not really sure what that is....
Fries Hors ligne Membre Points: 66 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 19/09/2023 08:31 | #

I have found something! when I enter diagnostic mode then press f1 i get to this CY837A Main place. I have tried the things on that menu and I dont think they work...
Fries Hors ligne Membre Points: 66 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 22/09/2023 22:30 | #

been a while again, have you had any time to look into the problem lephoenix from memory, i think it has been a bit less than two weeks since you said you had an academic paper due the week later
Fries Hors ligne Membre Points: 66 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 22/09/2023 23:08 | #

I would say patience, but it really has been a while. Im not sure if there is a solution to this anymore
does @user work?
Mexischillax Hors ligne Membre Points: 6 Défis: 0 Message

Citer : Posté le 22/09/2023 23:10 | #

last 4 messages were by you Fries XD I don't think there is any known solution sadly
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