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Date d'inscription : 12 novembre 2019
Date de derniere connexion : 9 août 2020 17:04
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Hi! I am CalcLoverHK, currently a Hong Kong secondary school student that loves to investigate high-end Casio calculators.

You may feel surprised that I came from Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, only fx-3650PII and fx-50FHII are allowed to be used in public exams. I choose fx-50FHII because of its larger bytes than fx-3650PII. Soon, I thought I should look for other great calculators.

It's been a while that I join Planete-Casio to share my thoughts on calculators. I found this forum really active, friendly and interesting. At first, I was thinking of creating account here because I thought my level of programming was quite low. Thanks to this site, I continue to improve my programming skills and find it inspiring.

You may probably know that I'm working on C.Basic Fandom Project. To know more information, please follow "C.Basic Project" thread. I also manage help center of C.Basic in cnCalc.

I don't know French, so I use Google Translate to read the French messages.

Out from the calculator programming, I love watching memes, especially Minecraft. I play Minecraft mainly, too. Sometimes I play .io games ( is my favourite). Besides these, I watch some channels that discuss many types of conspiracy and theories in YouTube, and there is one channel that I always watch:

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2045, the bright or dark future to the humanity?

Sujets de Calcloverhk :
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Something interesting happened while thinking of buying fx-9750GIII122020-06-30 20:22
[Tutorial] How to use emulators forever (technically)62020-02-22 11:53
Distinguishing the French calculators (Français: Distinction ces calculateur Français)92020-01-12 11:56
Issues with HKEAA-approved calculators (Problèmes avec les calculatrices approuvées par HKEAA)232020-01-12 10:16
Add a topic viewer analysis? (Français: Ajouter une analyse de sujet?)92019-12-23 17:36

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