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Hi! I am CalcLoverHK, a Hong Kong secondary student that investigates high-end Casio calculators.

You may feel surprised that I came from Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, only fx-3650PII and fx-50FHII are allowed to be used in public exams. I choose fx-50FHII because of its larger bytes than fx-3650PII. Soon, I thought I should look for other great calculators.

It's been a while that I join Planete-Casio to share my thoughts on calculators. I found this forum really active, friendly and interesting. At first, I was thinking of creating account here because I thought my level is quite low. Thanks to this site, I continue to improve my programming skills and find it inspiring.

You may probably know that I'm working on C.Basic User's Guide Project. To know more information, please follow "C.Basic Projets" thread. I also manage help centers of C.Basic in Casiopeia and cnCalc.

I don't know French, so I use Google Translate to read the French messages.

Out from the calculator programming, I love watching memes, especially Minecraft. I play Minecraft mainly, too. Sometimes I play .io games ( is my favourite). Besides these, I watch some channels that discuss many types of conspiracy and theories in YouTube, and there is one channel that I always watch:

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2045, the bright or dark future to the humans?

Sujets de Calcloverhk :
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Distinguishing the French calculators (Français: Distinction ces calculateur Français)92020-01-12 11:56
Issues with HKEAA-approved calculators (Problèmes avec les calculatrices approuvées par HKEAA)232020-01-12 10:16
Add a topic viewer analysis? (Français: Ajouter une analyse de sujet?)92019-12-23 17:36

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